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No Trace Race

The Kerry Way Ultra takes place in some of Ireland's most rugged and remote landscape but these areas are also fragile, sensitive and owned by somebody!

The KWU committee are setting some guidelines for themselves, the participants and their supporters and anybody else involved in the running of this event. It is hoped that these guidelines will ensure that the KWU will have minimal adverse impact on the natural environment, will contribute to the local economy and will respect the people who live and work along the route.

The following are our main considerations in organising this event:

1. Use only existing tracks

2. No permanent marking of the trail

3. Option of route change to allow for re-growth

4. Percentage of Entry Fee to be used for repair

5. The route to be thoroughly checked after the event

6. All competitors to provide their own bottles/cups

7. Deliberate littering will result in disqualification

8. All signage to be removed after the event

9. No dogs unless on a lead

10. All designated 'Support Crew' stops will have a Manager to ensure that parking is controlled, all litter removed and the area left as it was found.

11. Registration will include a 'No Trace Race' instruction.

12. All existing Toilet Facilities will be made available to competitors.

All private landowners along the route will be contacted beforehand and the necessary licences will be obtained from state owned lands.