Kerry Way Ultra Green Commitment

Kerry Way Ultra Green Commitment

The Kerry Way Ultra takes place over some of Ireland’s most rugged and remote landscape but these areas are also fragile, sensitive and owned by somebody! The committee of The Kerry Way Ultra events has taken on a responsibility to protect this landscape and the environment.

Some of the practices that have been adopted will help to respect and conserve nature and its flora and fauna, integrate sustainability into the KWU events by keeping the route litter-free, reducing waste, recycling and raising awareness of the participants, support crews, volunteers and sponsors about the importance of an environmentally friendly approach.

The Kerry Way Ultra events are No Trace Races with the ultimate goal being to ‘Leave No Trace’!


  • To minimize any environmental damage to The Kerry Way, participant numbers are limited and any ecologically fragile or sensitive areas are avoided
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own water and bottles and are informed of where water is freely available along the route
  • The Crew Stops have Eco Sense and black bin bags and all participants are encouraged to use them
  • Supporters can only access their athlete at the designated Crew Stop so car journeys are kept to the minimum
  • Awards and Prizes are all made in the Kerry area
  • Deliberate littering by a participant, or their crew, will result in disqualification
  • Sweepers check the route after the event
  • Any signs necessary are removed after the event
  • The Race Gantry is shared with other race organizers
  • Participants are given a choice of whether they want a tee shirt or not
  • Any left-behind clothing, footwear, drinks and energy bars are donated to a local youth organization who facilitate hill walking for young people
  • Shuttle buses are used to get some participants to their Start


"Of all the events that I have taken part in over the last 10 years from Canada to Switzerland, nothing touches your event for professional organisation and hospitality. To know someone is looking out for you at 2 o clock in the morning is comforting when you're on top of a mountain. Your volunteer team made the event even more enjoyable and the challenge possible. Many thanks to Barry and Eddie for the spuds in Foilmore and to Mags and William for dressing me in Sneem. It would have been game over without them!"
David Fagan
Kerry Way Ultra 2018