Volunteer for the Kerry Way Ultra

Volunteer for the Kerry Way Ultra

What to expect as a volunteer at the Kerry Way Ultra events

Trail running is an amazing sport, and it is great to be a part of it. If you’re training for your first 5km/ 100km or simply want to be a spectator, volunteering is a great way to learn more about ultrarunning from a behind-the-scenes perspective. To give the runners the help they need to complete their journey, is a brilliant feeling and they really appreciate it.

Volunteering helps maintain the current and future integrity of the events and gives a safe experience for runners, crews and spectators.
Most runners will have their own crew but for the crewless, you may be a race-saver!

If you are interested in helping, a few guidelines...

You may be required to assist crew-less runners with fluid, food, their drop bag requirements – there will be emergency water at the crew stops, they may need help filling water bottles. They may also need help finding their Drop Bags (these will have their name and race number on them).

Ensure cars/campervans etc. are parking safely, the crew stop area is kept tidy and litter-free and noise is kept to a minimum.

Be aware of cut-off times if you are volunteering in Foilmore (10pm), Waterville (4am), Sneem (9am) or Kenmare (4pm). You won’t have to stop someone from running if they have missed the cut-off, that will come from Base or the Assistant Race Directors but you can make them aware of the cut-off rules, if they have conveniently forgotten them!

Bring a working mobile phone as you may be contacted by Base.

If you have one, bring a First Aid Kit– bandages, plasters, safety pins, shoe laces, survival bags (or a towel), blankets are always handy.

Common medical conditions over The Kerry Way Ultra are allergies, dehydration, blisters, hypothermia, confusion.

Be ready for the first runners, they arrive quickly.

Bring midge repellant, snacks/water, flask, sunscreen, rain jacket, foldable chair (for yourself).

Be positive but not overly enthusiastic, with an energetic and encouraging attitude.

Enjoy your time as a volunteer, the Kerry Way Ultra committee and the runners really do appreciate you.

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"Of all the events that I have taken part in over the last 10 years from Canada to Switzerland, nothing touches your event for professional organisation and hospitality. To know someone is looking out for you at 2 o clock in the morning is comforting when you're on top of a mountain. Your volunteer team made the event even more enjoyable and the challenge possible. Many thanks to Barry and Eddie for the spuds in Foilmore and to Mags and William for dressing me in Sneem. It would have been game over without them!"
David Fagan
Kerry Way Ultra 2018